Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Apple iPhone 4 may come to India With BSNL!!!

There is a buzz going around the web that Apple is planning on bringing the iPhone 4 too to Indian shores. This news is a pleasant surprise as it comes within just a week of Apple’s iPad launch in India which was received with much joy and welcome. The carrier rumored to be the official partner is BSNL (again), who was the same for iPad. Although unconfirmed yet, the rumor of the Apple-BSNL partnership sounds probable as the duo has done the same with iPad.

My Mobile Scoop, said to have gotten in contact with a source of BSNL, who reported that Apple is launching the iPhone 4 with BSNL within a month. The data plans for iPhone 4 is also expected to be similar to that of iPad’s. There is no news, as yet, about the pricing and on how the phone will be sold – locked or unlocked. However, in the United States, it is sold locked, and chances are that Indian buyers might get the same. Verizon had announced that it will release the iPhone 4 in CDMA in the USA from 10 February, 2011 on. Reliance and Tata Indicom is reported adopting the same approach in India with talks already in process with Apple, according to the Wall Street Journal. It is also reported that Apple’s analyst Katy Hubert is more inclined towards Reliance.

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